Experts in NDT Investigation

We carry cutting edge technology to enable us to provide specialist structural investigation. GPR and EM scanning enable us to provide reinforcement layouts and sizing without the need for intrusive works.

We can utilize these techniques in live working environments to gather information whilst creating minimal to no disruption.

We provide real time concrete scanning for the marking out of bar positions for avoidance during construction/drilling/cutting, or we can take sample scans of the structure and provide a high class engineering level report for structural calculations/assessment.

We also offer a plethora of other NDT services inluding General and Principal Inspection (and are proficient with the use of CSS Pro-Forma for bridges).

We also partner with a range of other investigative service contractors and can project manage the process as a "one-stop" solution.

Experts in Intrusive Investigation

Whilst being expert at NDT, we understand that some projects still require intrusive investigation such as coring for compressive strength, or visual verification of bar arrangements.

We use the latest tooling, repair products and expertise to give a clean and well repaired job.

Our mantra is to take out as little as possible and opt for minimally destructive techniques (such as pencil drilling and using a boroscope to determine slab thickness).

By partnering with UKAS accredited laboratories, we do offer a full range of chemical and lab analysis including dust sampling for chlorides, compressive strength testing and carbonation testing and a wide range of other services.

Specialist Fixing Installation

We are experts at installation of specialist fixings such as Hilti HDA, Hilti HSL-3 and chemical/resin anchors and have carried out installation work on large sites.

By marrying our expert NDT and installation techniques we can offer a full "scan and installation" service on your project to ensure a professional install.

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Birmingham Testing and Scanning are Constructionline accredited - registration number 178239