Pic of the week #8

Bi-TAS pic of the week is back!

This weeks is from a project in Chester where we have been carrying out a battery of tests on a former high street store as part of a planned refurbishment and extension/remodel.

Although we are strong advocates of a non-destructive approach, we also know that sometimes it is a balance of needing to have a look inside the structure to see what makes it tick.

As it happens, we can utilise our expertise in concrete scanning to ensure that when we do have to core, we can approach it delicately and ensure that we miss all of the reinforcement in-situ as not to compromise the integrity of the structure.

We also carry the right equipment for coring, which means we are efficient, fast and can gather accurate information with minimal stress and disruption.

If you want to find out why we are the experts in structural investigation, and why we have been trusted to now carry out works at 6 different locations for this former high street store across the UK then why not get in touch today.


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